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SQL Server 2016 RTM

Some major enhancements and a convergence on features from Azure to on-premise. The ‘R’ capabilities and seamless integration with big data are game-changers.  

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When two-factor authentication really isn’t

My hope is that by now all companies are using multifactor (MFA for short) authentication to protect all critical assets. MFA authentication simply means that a user must validate their identity through at least two independent mechanisms. Two-factor authentication or … Continue reading

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Multiple divergences for S&P analyzed (Corrected)

Note: My first version of this had an error in the query which has been corrected and the difference between up and down days is not significant. However, the larger the VIX change, the more likely to be a VIX … Continue reading

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History may not repeat, but…

Somebody from a private forum I belong to known as “T-Theory” posted a graph that shows the rationale for being long the S&P when the 10 week exponential moving average is trending above the 50 week exponential moving average and … Continue reading

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A couple of factoids on data security to think about

Here’s factoid that most people, even many at the IT management level don’t realize: A 128 GB Thumb drive which can be had for under $40.00 can store enough information to accomplish identity theft for the population of the entire … Continue reading

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High-performance Statistical Queries using Self-joins

In my pursuit of understanding asset markets, I’ve maintained a SQL Server database with a lot of information about the stock market and other indexes. Using some data services along with SSIS, this database has been kept current to the … Continue reading

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Increased data security focus for Authintel

We’ve all seen the news about the latest data security breaches. While bureaucrats blame these on sophisticated hacks from China, the reality is that these are mainly due to negligence and are so simple that a child with basic computer … Continue reading

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Power BI Experiences

I’ve spent quite a bit of time the last few days trying to get Power BI preview to work for accessing a tabular model so am sharing my experience. Based on that experience, I am making some assertions that are … Continue reading

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Data Security and the Lack thereof

Americans are increasingly becoming aware of the vulnerability of their private data with breaches now up in the millions that have not only disclosed credit card information, but even more potentially dangerous information such as social security numbers linked to … Continue reading

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Home-grown PCIE SSD VM vs. Azure (Update 12/7)

More testing today with larger database, multiplied the number of rows by 10x up to 1 billion rows in the test dataset.  The latest results indicate I/O about 3 times slower on an Azure D13 server using similar CPU/Ram specs … Continue reading

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