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Concept for a High-Performance Database (HPD)

Recently, I’ve been studying Microsoft PDW as part of an ETL integration project. This got me thinking about the distributed database computing paradigm and scaling out performance for SQL Server for OLTP purposes. PDW utilizes multiple compute nodes that are … Continue reading

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Write throttling and Fusion-io Cards

Why Fusion-IO SLC Duos may outperform MLC Duos by more than expected and some mitigations Recently I decided to revisit the issue of write throttling that occurs on Fusion-io cards under load. I found this article that explains the … Continue reading

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Now at 5.11 GB/s SQL backup to Null/3.12 GB/s local backup with I/O Accelerators

This will be my last update for a while, but I did some more shuffling of the database files among the various PCIE SSD logical drives (HP I/O Accelerators which are HP-OEM Fusion-Io cards). See earlier post for info about … Continue reading

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A couple of corrections on video

I should have said that 40 Gbe and 100 Gbe are not widely implemented rather than not available  – they are available. But, even 100 GbE is only adequate for 12 GBPS – and with Gen 3 PCIE SSD reading … Continue reading

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