Increased data security focus for Authintel

We’ve all seen the news about the latest data security breaches. While bureaucrats blame these on sophisticated hacks from China, the reality is that these are mainly due to negligence and are so simple that a child with basic computer knowledge could pull off many of these.

The problem is that technology has focused on encryption and firewalls while neglecting security at the basic data and application tiers and has very little concept of proactive monitoring of actual user behaviors. Most data theft occurs due to compromised employees or stolen credentials wherein the perpetrator appears to the system as a trusted user and is not monitored. Our company holds credentials that include a PhD for automated learning, the highest-level ISC security certification, CISSP, SQL Server master, and certified .NET application developers. We are uniquely qualified to resolve the use cases that lead to security breaches at the application and data levels. We have produced a video that outlines how millions of PII data records can be stolen without trace in less than 5 minutes that will work at most companies using an ordinary user account. We are focused on resolution of the actual uses cases that lead to data theft rather than on elaborate technologies that are difficult to configure and mostly ineffective. Contact us and we can perform an audit as well as provide remediation including deployment of automated scripts and tools.

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