In Transition…

I am just getting around to moving content from my MSDN blog over to here along with a lot of other stuff. Still learning ropes as far as how to create categories as I have diverse interests. SQL Server performance, predictive analytics, machine learning, automated problem solving, and automated financial investment systems.

My MSDN blog is focused on SQL Server. It still exists as of 3/22/2013 . Not sure how much longer they will keep it up. I can actually still post to it, but I don’t think since I left Microsoft I can still keep it.

I am assisting a startup company called Authentic Intelligence. We’re hoping to generate some visibility for an automated trading system product called that my son helped develop but still needs more testing as well as an automated generic continuously improving problem solving system. More about the trading optimizer is at and more about Authentic Intelligence services is at

Thank you for your interest. You can follow me on twitter at bigdatabob.

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