SSD Updates and Status of Blog

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  Been very busy with a DoD project.  I plan to add a post soon on how my SSD experience is going.  I have now accumulated 7 PCIE Fusion SSD cards (3 SLC 160GB, 3 320GB MLC, 1 320 Duo SLC) as well as an additional server which has 3 cards in it.  Right now, my duo card is running in an older workstation as I had problem trying to get power to the card in the 2U R700 Dell server.  A weird cable that can’t be ordered direct on the Dell site is needed.  My 2U is 12 cores with 96GB of RAM with 12 physical cores (2 x XEON 2.66).  I’m going to be very heavily stressing it with some heavy duty analytical queries against several multi-million row tables and a billion row table containing financial data over the next few days and will share the results.

Speaking of the blog, I will try to post once per month, but will be more active on a new blog focused on my research (non-Microsoft)..  This will be for my academic research as well as the application of that research to financial markets in the area of autonomous learning through iterative simulation with correlation feedback and pattern recognition.  I’ve become quite inspired in studying how young children are able to learn solutions to puzzles simply by playing and finding a pattern and being able to adapt such learned patterns to new problems with the extra caveat of examining the process used to apply the pattern.  This is something that software needs to do.  The problem with artificial intelligence is just that, it is artificial.  To solve really complex problems cannot always be done by brute force and number-crunching, it takes an intelligent design from the start.   Well, I’ve got to board an airplane, so this is a teaser for my area of passion as I head back to Auburn to try to finish my first draft of my dissertation.

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